Our team worked with the City of Poplar Bluff, MO in developing the city’s first “Wheel Friendly” Skate Plaza that is pedestrian friendly and has spectator viewing. It is aesthetically unique in that its urban plaza theme reflects features of the existing environment, making the plaza fit into and enhance its context. The back transition wall incorporates an existing historical building’s brick façade into the park, embracing the city’s historical architecture. Multi- colored sunburst concrete paving patterns create a focal point for the park’s main corridor, reflecting the sun burst pattern developed from the local movie theatre signage colors.

The context sensitive design of skate plaza is particularly significant, as the project was a Brownfield renovation to an existing neighborhood parking lot in the downtown area of Poplar Bluff. Additionally, sustainable design was employed through the use of landscaped areas used to drain the site. Funding for the project came from a unique and first-time source for skate parks, the MO Foundation of Health.

Program Highlights

Relative to Owensboro Skate Park:

- “Wheel Friendly” Skate Park

- Urban/Municipal project

- Context driven design

- Fundraising support provided

- Visual Art through material variations and color

- Gateway Entry Plaza

- ADA Accessible walkways