PITTSFIELD, MA-Skate/ Bike Park

ACTION Sport Development (ASD) was selected to design the City of Pittsfield, MA Skate Park on top of an existing under utilized tennis court facility utilizing EPS Geofoam to build the grade up on top of the existing slab.   Through the Public consensus workshops, the park was determined to be 85% Street Plaza and 15% flow/ bowl.  With budget constraints of $182,500 turn-key for 7,000 sq. ft., ASD was able to successfully bid the project with their pre-qualification process with the City and have the park build on time and within budget with the local contractor.

ASD was hired as the skatepark architect to perform services from planning, public facilitation, schematic, conceptual, 3-D modeling, design development and construction documents. The park has received rave reviews from several websites, advocates and video’s.

I’ve been in the park business for over 10 years, and never have I been involved in a project that has been so well received.  From day 1, the park has been packed with bikers and skaters. It’s wonderful to see.  All of the comments have been very positive, and everyone is psyched with the design/layout.  Even those that will never set foot in the park have commented on how cool it looks from the road.   Many of the doubters in this community have come around and now understand that we needed a park like this for many years.  It was helpful that we didn’t get any snow after the park opened up and it could be used right away.  We finally are getting dumped on (snowing as we speak), and I expect that everyone will be chomping at the bit to get back in there in the spring.

James McGrath, CPRPPark, Open Space, and Nat. Res. Program Manager, Pittsfield,MA