We are extremely honored to release the latest designs for the new City of Carlsbad, CA Skatepark.  The original Carlsbad Skatepark was built and opened to the public on March 13, 1976 and considered the world’s first skateboard park. This iconic history has fueled so much excitement with the top professional skateboarders that our studio opened the doors to the industries best for additional design input.

Our team developed the City of Carlsbad’s first “Wheel Friendly” Skate Plaza. Not only is the park pedestrian friendly but it also provides spectator views. The project has an urban plaza theme that integrates some of the city’s features. For example, the color pallet of the park reflects the prevalent Spanish style architecture, and a transition arch was inspired by the shapes of Carlsbad’s historic mission. As a further aesthetic touch, the entry signage uses the skateboard wheel as the main design element. The park is located in the heart of the action sport industry, requiring extensive community involvement, as well as participation of several of the top professional skaters, in internal design charrettes. As a result, the park plans include adequate community ingress and egress to ADA compliant facilities, offstreet parking spaces, a Wheel Friendly environment within the park, aesthetic features, and green technology/sustainable


Program Highlights

Relative to Skate Park:

- Urban setting

- Gateway entry plaza

- Community involvement

- Fundraising support

- ADA accessible walkways