Mike McIntyre, RLA, ASLA - President

CURRENT TITLE WTH FIRM: Principal-In-Charge, RLA, ASLA/ Owner YEARS PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: 19 Specifically in the planning, design and development of Action Sport Parks. EDUCATION: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA School of Architecture & Environmental Design B.S. Landscape Architecture CLARB RECORD#36669, REGISTERED LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: AL – 579, AZ – 34186, CA – 4096, CO – 688, CT – 1122, DE – S1-0000388, GA – LS003001, IN – LA20600025, IA– 479, MD – 3319, MI – 3901001448, MN – 44397, MO – 2005032424, MT 281, NV – 811, NM – 378, NY – 1974, OH – 501121, OK – 281, PA – LA002682, TN – 775, TX – 2319, UT – 5238119-5301, VA – 1285, WI – 508- 014, WY – LA-0085C. A-GENERAL ENGINEERING, C-27 CONTRACTOR # 698979 Mr. McIntyre brings a unique combination to over 150 successful Public Skate Park and BMX projects Worldwide as both a Licensed Landscape Architect (26 States) and former Sponsored rider. McIntyre has helped pioneer such movements as the “skate plaza” and now the “wheel friendly-barrier free plaza” alond with the development of BMX racing standards used in todays track development. He is a strong advocate of building community consensus on all of his projects. His personal experience has given him the opportunity to be the Principal-in-Charge/ Architect of record for projects ranging from North America, Canada, South Africa, London, Israel to Grand Cayman Islands.

Kanten Russell, ASLA - Principal

CURRENT TITLE WTH FIRM Principal PM and Designer YEARS EXPERIENCE Total: 6 Full-time. 13 Years Professional Skateboarding Associates degrees in Engineering Survey & CAD Design, Cuyamaca College San Diego, CA Mr. Russell was a professional skateboarder for over 13 years travelling all over the world endorsing his pro model shoes and signature skateboards. After officially retiring from Professional Skateboarding Kanten worked at the City of Chula Vista in the Engineering/Surveying department, then at Hunsaker and Associates San Diego in the mapping division before joining Mike McIntyre to plan, design, and manage skate parks, skate plazas, and developed the first wheel friendly plazas in several projects over the last 6 years.